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Jun 8, 2011

Supporting Construction of New Canucks Place Hospice in Abbotsford

Langley Concrete Group supports construction of new Canucks Place Hospice in Abbotsford.

The Langley Concrete Group is enthusiastically supporting the construction of the new Canucks Place Hospice in Abbotsford adjacent to the Abbotsford Hospital and Cancer Treatment Center.

“We were approached to consider a donation of the required drainage materials for the site preparation of this facility. Realizing that this type of facility provides fantastic and much needed support for terminally ill children and their families it took very little time to agree to the offer,” stated Mark Omelaniec, President of The Langley Concrete Group of Companies.

Over $100,000 of concrete pipe, manholes, catch basins and box culvert storm detention materials are slated to be installed on the site in Abbotsford.

“Our family has been raised in the Fraser Valley and we consider this an opportunity to give back to the communities and help make this project a reality. Terminal illness in children is something that is hard to understand why it happens and it seems so tragically unfair. The Canucks Place program provides the children and their families a chance to be together, spend precious time and dealing with the emotional stress that comes with this type of situation.”

When asked to choose a room to recognize their sponsorship the Omelaniec family asked immediately for the ‘Volcano Room’.

“It is a place for the kids and their parents to go and let go some of the stress that builds up. It seemed so appropriate for a family business to sponsor this room,” chuckled Omelaniec, “Family business can be a stressful environment at times and it just seemed natural for us to choose the room that lets them blow off steam and be themselves.”

Canucks Place along with Timothy’s House are being constructed by Ledcor…