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The Langley Concrete Group is a proud supporter and recipient of the American Concrete Pipe Association’s third party plant certification; Q-Cast.

The Chilliwack Production facility was in the top 55 of plants in North America in 2009 and 2010 for total points in the following categories;

  1. Full Plant
  2. Box Culvert and Manholes
  3. Storm and Sanitary Pipe
  4. Precast structures

The Q-Cast program sets a very high standard to achieve certification which cannot be attained by doing the minimum expected. A high level of plant, equipment, concrete, inspection and quality culture is required to achieve Q-Cast certification. The program provides the ultimate assurance that as a customer you are receiving the best possible product available.

Q-Cast is recognized by many state DOT’s in the U.S., the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and AASHTO as a valid third party certification program and allows Q-Cast certified production facilities to supply to government projects.

As a specifier, contractor or municipality you should insist that your precast concrete products come from a third party certified facility.

In regards to concrete pipe, manholes, box culverts and precast structures there is no better quality certification available than Q-Cast.

When it is the quality of products used under our roadways and in building the communities we live in being considered, third party certification of a manufacturer should be a requirement not an option.