supplying products


LCG has an large inventory of forms allowing us to cast most of the common vault and chamber sizes utilized for hydro/tel, fire meter valve, and water meter chambers used in B.C.

LCG has used these forms to provide chambers for use in replacing manholes on storm sewers, detention tanks, packaged water systems and valve chambers for sanitary forcemains.

Cast with high strength self compacting concrete, the chambers are designed to conform to the requirements of the specifying agency or engineer designing a project. Upon request we can provide engineering assistance for structural design and the shop drawings required for complex designs to allow submittal as an alternative to cast in place.

The chambers are designed for various loading requirements, and can be supplied with cast iron manhole covers or cast in hatches.


  • Standard size range allows for use in many different design applications.
  • High quality pre-cast provides consistent product and meets design specifications.
  • Steel forms, with high tolerances provide excellent finished products.
  • Cast with standardized, engineered, lift inserts for safe, quick installation.
  • Customization options allow for various uses and many configurations.