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Jun 1, 2020

Box Culvert for Stormwater Detention

The Langley Concrete Group supplied B&B Contracting Group with Box Culvert for the Bridle Ridge Development Site in Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge, a large suburb area located adjacent to the Fraser River east of Vancouver, B.C., receives large rainfall events resulting in significant stormwater runoff in its urban areas. Recent rapid urban density growth requires design engineers to include stormwater runoff calculations as part of their development plan to prevent uncontrolled runoff into the Fraser.

Core Group Consultants of Burnaby, B.C. provided design services for the Bridle Ridge Development Site. After careful analysis, it was determined that the development would require two detention systems (System 1 and System 2) to address the runoff and provide a solution.

The system design requirements included:

1. Water-tight seal to prevent exfiltration.

2. Store and control discharge water.

3. Accommodate calculated live and dead loads.

4. Meet required industry design standards.

5. Be cost effective and safe solution.

To provide watertight sections, the box joints were produced and shipped with pre-lubricated gaskets meeting current ASTM standards. The water-tight joints provided the capacity for a high tolerance fi t and to function as designed. As the detention systems would be subjected to live and dead loads the product was designed to meet ASTM C1433M and BCL625 /HS20 standards to accommodate burial depths of 1.7m - 3.8m.

• System 1: 35.75 linear meters of 2.43m by 2.43m box structure constructed with 13 sections of varying lengths between 1.25m to 2.5m.

• System 2: Consists of 3.65m by 2.43m made of sections varying in length from 1.55m to 2.5m to fit site constraints and design parameters.

The detention system configuration consisted of two runs side by side. The first was 13 linear meters, consisting of 13 box sections, the second was 16.05 linear meters, consisting of 5 box sections. Box sections ranged from 16200 kg to 32000 kg in weight.

B & B Contracting Group, of Surrey, B.C. is constructing the site development and completed the installation of the detention systems utilizing Mega Cranes Ltd, Surrey, B.C. to crane the box sections into place.

With several decades of experience producing precast box, Langley Concrete consistently supplies quality products to support development of all types within British Columbia, Canada and parts of the United States.

Project Information
Project Name: Bridle Ridge
Products: 2.43m X 2.43m Box Detention
                2.65m X 2.43m Box Detention
Date: April 2020
Contractor: B & B Contracting Group
Owner: Bridle Ridge
Engineer: Core Group Consultants
Producer: Langley Concrete Group