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Jun 8, 2020

COVID-19 Protocols

The Langley Concrete Group continues it's COVID-19 protocols for staff and visitors until further notice.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

In order to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 Virus, all visitors and staff at Langley Concrete Group facilities are required to comply with the following safety protocols:

• If you are ill, do not attend the workplace. If suffering from respiratory issues, call 811 and follow the direction of public health officials.
• If you become ill at work, advise your immediate supervisor and/or first aid and leave the workplace. Seek medical attention if suffering from respiratory illness or other serious medical condition.
• Access to Langley Concrete Group production facilities and offices is limited to customers with confirmed orders for pick up and business visitors with confirmed appointments with staff members.
• All staff and visitors are subject to routine screening for fever and may be questioned regarding any current or recent cough, fever and respiratory issues.
• Risk assessments have been conducted to identify areas and activities where the risk of transmission is heightened such as rendering first aid or certain tasks. Specific requirements have been put in place to mitigate risks for these areas and activities.
• Signage is in place reminding visitors and staff to maintain a 2 meter physical distance from other persons whenever possible.
       o To facilitate this, some staff are working remotely and office spaces have been reassigned to maximize physical separation.
       o Seating has been limited in common areas.
       o Maximum occupancy numbers have been posted for common areas where people normally gather such as lunchrooms and change rooms.
       o Large sheltered outdoor spaces have been provided to allow for adequate physical distancing on breaks.
• When maintaining physical distance is not practical due to the nature of the work, persons working at less than 2 meter separation should be wearing non-medical grade masks.
• Wash your hands regularly and in particular, after using the washroom, after touching common surfaces and prior to eating or smoking. Avoid touching your face.
• Hand sanitizer is available at various locations throughout the facility where handwashing with soap and water is impractical. Regular use is encouraged.
• Shared tools and operating controls including those in mobile equipment should be wiped down with sanitizer after use. Sanitizing products are available in all work areas.
• Common areas including washrooms and change rooms, surfaces in common areas including door handles, counters, tables, light switches and appliances are cleaned and sanitized a minimum of once per day by professional cleaning staff with spot cleaning being performed by LCG staff at intervals during the day.
• If you have any concerns regarding these protocols, please contact one of the following people:
                   Ryan Robson Safety & Training Coordinator 604-835-4104
                   Terry Eady Human Resources Manager 604-835-4050