Cable and Drain Trenches

Precast Cable and Drain trenches are a multi functional product utilized to provide drainage or provide accessible cableways for power, water or communication lines.

Drainage use is mainly for driveways, in front of loading bays and entrances to commercial or industrial buildings. They are designed to utilize cast iron ‘strip grating’ that fits into the top edge of the unit, metal covers or precast concrete covers designed for various loading designations.

LCG provides various styles of cable and drain trenches; from a 100mm wide 'residential style' which is designed for light loads and use in low volume of water flows, a larger, more robust 300mm wide trough with a galvanized steel edge at the top entry to the trough to allow higher traffic volumes and heavier loadings. Cable trenches are of much larger sizes, currently up to a span of 500mm and 600mm deep. These trenches can be manufactured to suit heavy industrial sites, power transformer stations and other commercial applications.

All are made of high strength concrete and reinforced for the individual application.


Cable and Drainage Trench Guide DOWNLOAD PDF
Type A Cable Trench DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Type B Cable Trench DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Custom Drainage Trench DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Commercial Use Drainage Trough DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
150 x 1200 Drainage Trough DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD