Concrete Pipe Fittings & Appurtenances

LCG is able to create an almost unlimited range of fittings and appurtenances to suit your design requirements.

Concrete allows the manufacturing of structural components that are of the same strength and load bearing capacity of the pipe itself in varying shapes, sizes and configuration.

Fittings include but are not limited to single and double mitre bends, manhole access tees, eccentric or concentric reducers/increasers, wyes, drop structure fittings, reverse wyes, or to match the require the requirements of the design engineer.

LCG prides itself on its dedication to continually improving the methodology used to create these fittings and builds many custom forms in house to allow efficient, quality and cost effective manufacturing process.

The staff at LCG has the experience, ability and knowledge to create almost anything a person can design. After review, a CADD file is created that will provide a very accurate vision of what can be built to meet a design. Upon approval, these fittings can normally be manufactured within two to three weeks.