Grade Adjustment Rings

Spacer rings are commonly used to adjust the grade of manhole and catch basins cast iron covers.

When properly installed and permanently grouted in place they create a structural adjustment system to insure the casting is set at the proper grade and a barrier to infiltration.

LCG dry cast manufacturers all of their spacer rings using high strength, durable concrete vibrated under high frequency vibration to insure a durable product.

Manhole spacer rings are available from stock for the three most standard access openings; 610, 750 and 900mm in height increments of 50, 75 and 100mm.

Catchbasin spacers are available in the two most common casting forms, the 'D' ring for curb and gutter casting and the round 600mm for parking lot style catchbasins in 50mm thickness.

Spacer rings for specialty use catch basins such as Highways Style, side inlet two part castings and specific municipalities are also available from stock.