Highway Barriers and Parking Curbs

LCG has cast highway style traffic barriers and 'bumper curbs' for many years

Recent re-investment in forms for the standard various heights and style of highway barriers now allows us to supply projects where highways inspection or product to MOT specifications is required.

Cast in LCG's state of the art plant; where consistent, ongoing quality control is used to monitor the concrete, reinforcing and the casting process providing high quality, consistent product.

LCG has the ability to deliver and place on site utilizing a modern crane truck fleet equipped with hydraulic cranes and lifting devices. Customers also have the option to pick up at any of the companies plants or distribution yard locations.

'Bumper curbs' for parking stalls are drycast on a high production vibration table and in stock at all times. These smaller curbs are of a 'car friendly' design to prevent damage to lower profile vehicles and can be either delivered and installed or picked up.

LCG prides itself on providing quality solutions for our customers. We are more than willing to provide barriers in a way that works for your needs.



Ministry of Transportation Standard Highway Barrier Drawings DOWNLOAD PDF
Parking Curb DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Custom Parking Curb (Rounded Top) DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD