Lawn Basins

Lawn basins are used to collect water in fields, swales, yards and lots and direct the flow of water to the storm sewer system.

Unlike catch basins, lawn basins are cast 'groove end up' which allows a grate to be set in the top end when installed.

Not recommended for paved areas, they work well when placed in landscaped areas, gravel parking lots and fields with turf surrounding them. Using a cast iron grate they can be driven over by maintenance vehicles and lawn mowers but are not normally used where high traffic volumes or large vehicles are present.

Lawn basins range in size from 250mm diameter up to 900mm. Depths vary from 300mm up to 1.2m, with or without cast in base. Smaller sizes are manufactured non-reinforced, larger sizes are reinforced to ASTM C478-08.



250-300mm Lawn Basins DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
450mm Lawn Drain DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
450mm Rock Drain DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
450x1000mm Standard Drawing DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
600mm Standard Drawing DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
600x600mm Lawn Basin DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
600x1000mm/600x1200mm Generic Drawing DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD

Misc Lawn Basin Accessories

600mm Slope Faced Riser DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Tongue and Groove Risers 450-750 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Aluminum Trapping Hood DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Opening Details for Basins DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD