Pre-Channeled Manhole Bases

'Pre-Benched' manhole bases are used to alter the direction, flow and elevation of pipelines installed for storm and sanitary use.

LCG has been manufacturing pre-channeled manhole bases for over twenty years.

Unlike cast in place or bases cast using variable quality concrete, LCG uses higher strength than required concrete to insure a high level of erosion resistance, extended durability and a long term service life. LCG bases are known throughout the industry as requiring very little maintenance or repair due to the high quality of concrete used and premium workmanship.

Concrete channels allow for easy and straight forward repair and simple methodology for changing the channel configuration in the future if ever required.

Almost any configuration imaginable, including many thought impossible, can be precast to insure a high quality manhole base is installed on projects throughout B.C.

Utilizing high strength new generation wet cast concretes, including self compacting concrete designs, allows for casting of 'standard' bases or hand fabricated 'custom' items.

Provided with gasketed connections at the entry to the base, pre-channeled bases are a cost effective, quick to install solution to achieving the requirements of municipalities and engineers design requirements in the field.