LCG is proud to be the B.C. licensee for the patented Stormceptor stormwater management system.

Stormceptor is recognized as one of the most effective products to remove suspended particulate, oil and floatables in a storm sewer system. Sized to accommodate the flows and storage capacity required for each individual application, Stormceptor has a very high efficiency and a built in storm flow bypass which prevents scouring or re-suspension of the detained oil and particulate.

The Stormceptor EF (Enhanced Flow) and EFO (Enhanced Flow Oil) are the newest Stormceptor models available. These devices have been tested and verified through the ISO 14034 Environmental Management - Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program. The Stormceptor Enhanced Flow series was designed and developed to capture a fine particle size distribution (CA ETV) that is representative of real urban stormwater runoff.

Detailed sizing is available given the required parameters of a site specific storm sewer design and provide a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive solution. Installation is no different than other manhole structures except that the required storage area below the inlet and outlet can be very large, and deep to achieve the proven particulate and oil removal.

Direct assistance from Imbrium's design team provides assurance that any project design can be accommodated.

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Enhanced Flow/Enhanced Flow Oil

Stormceptor EF-4 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Stormceptor EF-6 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Stormceptor EF-8 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Stormceptor EF-10 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Stormceptor EFO-4 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Stormceptor EFO-6 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Stormceptor EFO-8 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD
Stormceptor EFO-10 DOWNLOAD PDF / AutoCAD