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The History of The Langley Concrete Group of Companies

A Strong Foundation

Langley Concrete and Tile Ltd. was incorporated in 1961, sixteen years after being started in 1945 when Jacob Omelaniec began making well linings (tile) for his neighbours and other farmers in Aldergrove.

As his business grew he made a decision to move to Langley Prairie (now Langley City) in 1947 to continue expanding his production capabilities and to expand his market. With Jacob making the product and Nettie, his wife, helping and doing the books, business continued on with their two sons Mike and Sam helping out after school and on the weekends.

Over time the old ‘wet cast’ methodology could not keep up with demand so machinery was purchased to begin the 'dry casting' of the same well tile products and culvert pipe, beginning the expansion into a broader range of products. Mike and Sam finished university and both eventually came back to the business working either in the business end, in the plant, or both.

Over the next 17 years business grew and the Omelaniec’s concentrated on giving customers what they wanted and expanding the plant facilities to include ‘new’ gasketed bell and spigot pipe, manholes and catch basins. Unfortunately in 1983 Jacob Omelaniec passed away. The two sons retained controlling interest in the company and made the tough decision to expand to a new facility on Logan Avenue during the slow economic times of the early 1980's.

An Ongoing Legacy

In 1989 Langley Concrete and Tile Ltd. purchased the assets of Pre-Con Products of Abbotsford and Lombard Pre-Cast in Victoria making the group of small companies the second largest precast products manufacturer in British Columbia.

The results of these business decisions over the past 60 plus years, combined with the efforts of employees and management alike, is the basis of what the company is now.

In July of 1992 Mike purchased the shares of Sam Omelaniec and became the sole owner of the company. All four of his sons, Michael, Mark, Kevin and Jason were actively working in the business at this time and Mike felt it would be better to grow the business rather than find a way out.

The plant in Langley, currently the site of the companies head office and a distribution yard for local customers, was expanded four times over the next ten years.

The Precon operation in Abbotsford was expanded and additional equipment added, as well as a significant re-investment was made in Lombard. It became evident that with the growth of the customer base, the size and scope of the products needed for a growing infrastructure and a need for modernization a decision was made to build a new state of the art production facility in Chilliwack.

The untimely death of Mike in 2003 due to complications while being treated for lung cancer slowed the building process but in 2006 the highly productive and efficient ‘Superplant’ was commissioned.

The company has passed to the four sons; Mark as President, Kevin as VP of Manufacturing, Michael as Human Resources Manager and Jason as Technical Sales.

Today and Tomorrow

The strength of The Langley Concrete Group lies in it’s employees. We currently employ 95 people at the Chilliwack plant and another 25 in Victoria at Lombard Precast. The company closed the Abbotsford and Langley production facilities but retained a distribution yard in Langley on the site of the Logan Ave. plant.

Current management has a philosophy of increasing market share by reducing costs and increasing production capabilities while investing in new forms and equipment to expand product capabilities. Investments made to protect position in the market, stream line production, and further product lines match a desire to be the most efficient concrete products manufacturer in B.C. and the Pacific Northwest.

Through the cooperation of our employees and the constant reinvestment of the shareholders the company is continuing to grow and progress with a culture of safety, enabling of employees and responding to the direct needs of customers.

The future of Pre-cast concrete products is strong and Langley Concrete Group is confident that through perseverance and hard work it will be able to satisfy the needs of both their customers and their employees.