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LCG has the equipment to provide the greatest range of sizes in monolithic, single cell, Pre Cast concrete box culvert available in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Box culvert provides a cost effective, structural product with excellent flow characteristics for applications for use in streams, as culverts, small bridges, access tunnels and onsite detention systems.

Box culvert is a versatile product and easily adaptable to many different configurations allowing it to be utilized as culvert, chamber, manhole, lift stations, pedestrian underpasses, fish ladders, or almost any use an engineer or designer can imagine.

Designed and engineered to meet ASTM C1443 specifications, box culvert can be adapted to accommodate Canadian bridge code requirements, specialized loadings and address many different design considerations.




  • Over 25 standard dimensional sizes to choose from.
  • Wide range of loading designs and depth of bury can be accommodated.
  • Specialty baffles, fish weirs, openings, connections easily provided.
  • Adaptable to be used for chambers, manholes, lift stations, pedestrian underpass.
  • Manufactured using dry cast concrete, providing high strength, durable product.
  • High strength pre-cast sections allow for quick, simple, efficient installations.