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Catch basins are used to capture surface water in parking lots, roadways and highways and direct it to the main storm water system.

LCG manufactures catch basins to MMCD, Ministry of Highways, municipal and various other regulatory bodies’ specifications. They range from internal dimensions of 450mm to 1200mm with standard depths of either 1.0 or 1.2m.

Catch basins are normally supplied with a core hole for the outlet pipe and quite often with a screened weeping hole to collect water built up around the outside of the catch basin barrel. The ‘sump’, or depth beneath the invert of the outlet pipe, is standard 450 to 600mm. All catch basins are supplied with a solid cast in base.

Catch basins are manufactured to ASTM C478-08.


  • Precast, high strength concrete, pre-cored and ready to install.
  • Easily and quickly installed.
  • Different sizes available to address various design parameters.
  • Built to relevant specifications of the specifying agency resulting in no issue with inspection.