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Concrete pipe has been used effectively for over 200 years as a conduit for storm water and sanitary sewer in the construction of infrastructure for our culture.

Modern concrete pipe is manufactured using state of the art concrete pipe machinery providing a dense, high strength, quality product designed to last minimum 75 years. Rubber gasket designs have evolved in the past 20 years and those supplied by LCG are contractor friendly, easy to install gaskets providing a watertight seal.

Experience shows that concrete pipe, when installed properly, will outlast design expectations and provide excellent value to the end user. Manufactured from locally sourced aggregates and cementitious materials, and where required steel made from almost 80% recycled scrap metals concrete pipe is an economical, viable, environmentally conscious choice.

Concrete pipe is available reinforced (ASTM C76) from 300mm inside diameter to 3600mm in classes suitable for most, if not all applications. Non-reinforced concrete pipe (ASTM C14) is available from 200mm to 900mm and is a competitively priced alternative to reinforced pipe in many design applications.

All concrete pipe manufactured by LCG are made to the relevant ASTM specifications, C76-08a, C14-07, C655-07, and will meet the CSA 257.1, CSA 257.2 specifications.


  • Structural product relying on minimal installation support compared to flexible products.
  • Long lasting, resilient product, providing over 75 years of proven service life.
  • Easily customized and configured for many different uses.
  • Locally manufactured, economical product providing exceptional value.
  • Manufactured using locally sourced components reducing carbon footprint.