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Precast concrete headwalls are an efficient, cost effective method of controlling the inflow and outflow of water in culvert crossings and at storm water line entrances to creeks or settlement ponds.

Designed to Ministry of Highways supplemental design, standard headwalls are utilized by most municipalities and in private construction of subdivisions and commercial properties in B.C.

The precast headwall allows contractors to quickly complete pipe runs without extending time spent in environmentally sensitive areas, and preventing the requirement of using the costly cast in place option.

Available to suit most pipe types and sizes as well as some of the smaller box culvert sizes, headwalls can be configured with dissipaters, handrails, grillages and other custom items such as bolt on sluice gates.

Precast with high strength self compacting concrete, LCG headwalls are supplied with cast in lift inserts for safe lifting and quick installation.


  • Allows for quick installation and minimizes time spent in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Stocked standard designs provides solution for most installations.
  • Customization option allows alternatives for specified cast in place designs.
  • Cost effective, environmentally safer alternative to cast in place.
  • Standard design accepted by all municipalities and cities.