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Concrete manholes are the standard product used to provide access to pipelines, vaults, detention tanks and various other structures.

Manufactured using modern drycast concrete technology, manholes are high strength, dense products that can be installed using gaskets to provide a watertight product and reduce infiltration into the storm or sanitary systems.

Manholes are provided with cast in lift inserts for safe, easy installation, ladder rungs for access and are available in standard .3, .6, .9 and 1.2m section heights.

Manhole barrel is manufactured to ASTM C478-08 specifications in diameters ranging from 900mm inside diameter up to 3050mm.


  • Manufactured utilizing high strength and density concrete providing a consistent, quality product.
  • Available in various heights and diameters allowing for a wide range of applications.
  • Standard product, available from stock at all times.
  • Manufactured utilizing dry cast production techniques allowing for large daily quantities and consistent product.