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Current stricter environmental standards and liability issues in regards to design of storm water systems have brought the standard oil interceptor into the 21st century.

Provided in many standard sizes to address flow characteristics and design parameters of varying project designs, LCG has focused on providing realistic, affordable, and maintainable solutions to the engineering community. Collaborating with Mohr Research of Oklahoma, LCG has designed and provides coalescing technology that can be installed in a standard oil interceptor chambers to facilitate high volumes of oil particle removal.

LCG’s standard oil interceptor chambers have the provision for the inclusion of coalescing media during the initial installation or post installation at any time if specifications change or it becomes a requirement due to changing environmental standards.

Cast in our production facility utilizing high strength self compacting concrete with updated steel forms, oil interceptors are of very high quality and dense concrete walls to insure a water tight chamber. Designed for minimum H20 traffic loads, the oil interceptor can be provided with manhole style castings or hatches if required.


  • Standard designs in stock to allow for quick installation.
  • Proven design, incorporating API guidelines and design protocols.
  • Oil coalescing plates available for high oil particle removal and to meet stricter environmental specifications.
  • High density, low permeability concrete insures no oily water seepage from product.
  • Customization available to meet the engineering requirements of most sites.