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Used as a collection point for ‘perimeter drainage’ around the foundation of houses and buildings these ‘sumps’ provide a clean out and inspection point in the drainage system.

LCG has been manufacturing perimeter drains for over 50 years and continue to make improvements to the perimeter drain and the lids to allow easier installation, connection and inspection. Using drycast concrete production techniques with high quality concrete LCG provides a worry free product for the use in home construction and building industry.

Perimeter drains are available in internal diameters ranging from 450mm to 900mm. Standard base sections with core holes for perimeter drain pipes are normally .6, .9, or 1.2m in depth including a base providing 450 to 600mm of ‘sump’, or collection below the outlet pipe.

LCG manufactures most perimeter drain sizes in non-reinforced configuration to ASTM C14 specifications, with options such as ladder rungs, and various lid designs including H20 loading castings.


  • Precast, high strength, drycast product with consistent quality and dimensions.
  • Meets municipal specifications and can provide complete quality control documentation.
  • Risers available in many heights to conform to any final grade adjustments required.
  • Built to required specifications and proudly identified as such.